Nadler Advisory Services (NAS) offers highly specialized consultation to CEOs, boards of directors, and senior teams to help enhance the quality of executive leadership, corporate governance, and organizational performance.

NAS was co-founded in 2014 by Mark Nadler with his late brother, David Nadler, building on their combined experience and insights from more than five decades as trusted advisors on CEO and board effectiveness, executive succession, and senior team performance.

Today, under Mark Nadler’s leadership, the firm continues to specialize in high level, close-in advice, and consultation to CEOs, boards, and senior teams. We remain fully committed to maintaining and building upon our legacy as experienced, knowledgeable, and pragmatic trusted advisors.

Our Client Experience

Over the course of more than two decades, Mark has consulted to the top leaders – the CEO, the board, and frequently both – at more than 40 organizations of all kinds. He has conducted engagements ranging from six weeks to four years with a wide variety of clients – Fortune 500 corporations, family-owned businesses, venture capital start-ups, private equity and hedge fund portfolio firms, and not-for-profits. He has worked across industries ranging from banks and insurance to media and manufacturing, from business software to health care.

We understand that the deeply sensitive nature of our work with CEOs and boards carries an unwavering responsibility to base our guidance on facts, to deliver our advice with candor, and to serve our clients and their organizations with absolute integrity.

headshot of Mark B. Nadler

“The consultation that takes place behind the closed doors of the CEO’s office or the board room is highly sensitive and absolutely confidential… It can be incredibly challenging and risky. But at the end of the day, it’s like any other kind of consulting: If you’re not producing results, you’re not invited back.”

From “Consulting to CEOs and Boards” by Mark B. Nadler and David A. Nadler in Management Consulting Today and Tomorrow