What Every Manager Should Know About The Board: Navigating A New Relationship

By Mark Nadler

Without question, most boards are demanding more of management, but not because directors have capriciously decided to grab more power. To the contrary, boards are responding — often, with great unease —– to escalating demands from all sides to exercise unprecedented oversight in ways that sometimes blur the traditional distinctions between boards and management.

What Every Manager Should Know About The Board is a Nadler Advisory Services White Paper that outlines the trends in governance that are changing Board behavior, what to look out for, and how to manage it.

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Engaging the Board in Corporate Strategy: A Value-Added Approach

As Boards and top management continue to craft an emerging model of corporate governance, few areas of shared responsibility offer as much potential value—along with real frustration—as corporate strategy.

This white paper offers a guide to meaningful and appropriate board engagement by outlining:

  1. The Key Elements of a Value-Added Engagement Process
  2. A Framework for Strategic Thinking and Decision-Making
  3. The Benefits of Strategic Engagement
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CEO Evaluation: Navigating a New Relationship With the Board

Never in recent memory has CEO performance been the subject of such intense scrutiny or broad concern. In the wake of some appalling corporate scandals and a general decline in company performance, shareholders, employees, analysts, journalists, and politicians are all looking for someone to blame — and the CEO is the easiest and most obvious target.

This white paper outlines many elements of CEO evaluation, including how to define performance dimensions and measures, and describes a process to get the CEO and Board on the same track.

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When Executives Fail: Managing Performance on the CEO’s Team

It’s unsettling but true: The unique composition, role and dynamics of the executive team — the senior managers who report directly to the CEO — virtually guarantee that some of its members will fail. The CEO’s responsibility is clear, but the best path forward often is not. Is the situation salvageable, or are the risks just too high?

This white paper outlines an approach to diagnosing the problem and weighing the alternatives.

This paper was also published on the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation. The original link can be found here.

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Overcoming Obstacles to CEO Succession Planning

Sometimes, the hardest part of CEO succession is getting the process started. Nadler Advisory Services focuses on managing the interplay of technical, political and emotional dynamics that make succession so complicated.

This white paper illustrates how effective this approach can be in overcoming the many obstacles to a smooth transition at the top.

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Board Assessment: Laying The Foundation For Better Governance

Board effectiveness starts with a comprehensive and independent board assessment. A well–designed board assessment can provide the first step in propelling a Board beyond minimum compliance to value–adding governance.

Nadler Advisory Services offers a full breadth of board advisory services. This paper illustrates how a thorough data gathering, review and implementation process can produce impactful results.

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Teamwork at the Top: Designing and leading effective executive teams

How do you transform an executive leadership group into a high-performing team?

What leadership qualities foster cooperation over competition? Teamwork at the Top explores the special case of executive leadership, the CEO’s role as both leader and participant, and the role that the CEO plays in paving the way for a high-performing executive team.

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The Board and CEO Succession: New Models for a New Era

When it comes to CEO succession planning, the traditional roles of CEO’s and boards have flipped. It’s a new era with new models for managing these critical transitions. “The Board and CEO Succession” white paper explores the critical success factors in CEO succession management.

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A Blueprint For Building Better Boards: How to Engage as a High-Performance Team

Today, the best boards aspire to do more than provide oversight and ensure compliance — they want to contribute real value to the organizations they serve. But that’s much easier said than done. “A Blueprint for Building Better Boards” offers a concise overview of how to meet today’s higher standards for outstanding corporate governance.

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