Consulting to boards on effective governance

Never before has the board of directors been the focus of so much pressure from so many directions.  Now, more than ever, boards need exceptional advisory services from experienced consultants.

As advisors to boards of nearly every description for more than 20 years, we fully understand the sensitive and dynamic nature of board consulting. Although our work is firmly based on some core beliefs about effective governance, we reject the approach of trying to impose “one size fits all” solutions. That doesn’t work in the boardroom, where a distinct cast of characters is operating within a unique set of circumstances. Consequently, we bring a flexible approach and customized solutions to each board engagement.

Depending upon a board’s needs at any particular time, we can provide a variety of services ranging from annual assessments to workshop facilitation to on-going consultation. More specifically, we provide board, committee and director evaluations; analysis of board composition and multi-year roadmaps for refreshing the composition; and consultation on specific issues such as management oversight, board involvement in strategy, and corporate guidelines.

Our Work with Clients

Board effectiveness ultimately boils down to a few basic questions: Do you have the right people in the boardroom, and are they doing the right work in the right way? Getting to the real answers often requires an independent, in-depth look at the real building blocks of board performance.

Examples of Our Work

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